New Patient and Returning Patient Overview

Welcome to the CitiScan Radiology New Patient and Returning Patient Overview

This overview will go over the most common questions so it's important to read through this carefully before requesting assistance as your question is likely to be answered here.

Quick Information - CitiScan Radiology Delay Times:

CitiScan Radiology :

Your activation SMS will be sent within 24 hours after your first visit.

Your scan will be available within 24 hours of your scan.

Your report will be available 14 days after your scan.

If you have not received an SMS, scan or report within these time frames, please read below for guidance. 

New Patient

Before you start

In order to view your scans or reports, you will need:

  • A smartphone no older than 5 years old

or if you don't have a smartphone (or prefer using our web portal)

  • A computer or tablet with a browser and internet connectivity

Technical Information:

  • Phone application requires a minimum of Android 7.0 or iOS 9.3
  • Web portal requires Google Chrome 15+, Microsoft Edge 12+, Internet Explorer 9+, Mozilla Firefox 10+, Apple Safari 6+ or Opera 20+.

Your first scan

  1. An activation SMS will be sent within 24 hours to the mobile number provided at the time of the first scan.

  2. CitiScan Radiology will automatically send all patients an SMS by default.

    • If you haven't received an SMS and it's been over 24 hours, please click here.

    • If you've received an SMS and but would prefer to use an email, please click here.


  1. The activation SMS or email is valid for 7 days, if you'd like to request a new link please click here.
  2. The process are 3 steps:
    1.  Enter in your date of birth. 
      1. If your date of birth is not being accepted, please confirm you're using the DD/MM/YYYY format. If you're still having issues, it's possible it was incorrectly entered in. Please 'Submit a Ticket' at the bottom the page. 
    2.  Set a strong password.
      1. The password requirements are at least 5 characters but we strongly recommend a stronger password. You can set to use your Finger Print, Face ID or Pin after you download and sign into the app. 
      2. Remember to enter in your new password twice to confirm you've recalled it correctly. 
    3. Enter in your email.
      1. Note that while this step is optional, we strongly recommend adding one as you'll be notified of important updates to your future scans. If you forget to add one during activation, you can do so via the My Account section of the portal or via the app located on the left hand pane.             

Signing into your account

Activated on your phone?

1. You should have been re-directed after tapping "Activate" to download the app for your iPhone or Android device.

You can download the app for Android by searching for "CitiScan Radiology Patient" in the Google Play Store or clicking on the below logo:

You can download the app for Apple by searching for "CitiScan Radiology Patient" in the App Store or clicking on the below logo:

2. Once you've downloaded and installed the relevant app for your device, you'll be greeted to "Sign in to your account".

Your username is by default your mobile number without spaces.

Your password is the one you just set via the Activation process.

Activated on your computer or tablet?

1. At the end of the Activation process, you will be be re-directed to the portal to sign in.

Your username is your email.

Your password is the one you just set via the Activation process.

Returning Patients

It's important that you use the same mobile upon every subsequent visit so your scans automatically get added to your existing account.  If it's been over the expected time frame as per the "Delay Times" then please 'Submit a Ticket' 

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